Joanna Little, CEO, Emery Little Wealth Management

‘I’ve been working with James for just over a year now and can genuinely say his coaching has had a profound impact on me as a person, my growth as a leader, and the business. James provides much needed friendly challenge as well as different ways of thinking. Having someone outside of the business who I can be completely honest and frank with has been invaluable. It has accelerated my learning and increased my confidence to handle difficult situations and conversations that inevitably arise.’

Rachael Warwick, CEO, Ridgeway Education Trust

“I have been delighted with James’ work for our Trust. He is an adept coach, a skilled facilitator and an inspirational presenter. Working with a range of middle and senior leaders across our Trust in these different roles, James is developing the leadership capacity and quality of our schools and creating a real impact in this work.

I cannot recommend James highly enough and look forward to an ongoing relationship with James and Flywheel Learning.”

Melanie Barrow, CEO, All Saints Schools Trust

“They are the most useful coaching sessions I have ever had. The mix of methods you use to coach (research, reading, reflection, discussion) really works for me. I’m sometimes find too much introspection not as positive as the way that you channel reflection into positive action to be applied right now. It’s a subtle skill James- but it has a real impact.”

Dr Matt Stevens, Principal, Saracens High School

“I was fortunate to have James as my leadership coach as part of a course to prepare me for headship. His relentless positivity and energy, combined with his outstanding knowledge and experience, helped me develop my strategic leadership capabilities and gave me confidence to take the next step in my career.

James is the perfect coach; he helped to guide through my decision making and encouraged me to reflect on my own leadership. From a practical perspective he also supported me with applications and my performance at interview. Without James’ coaching I doubt I would be in the position I am now.”

Emilie Mouqout, VP Marketing, Not on the High Street.com

“I have had the chance to work with James as my coach for several months. It has been truly transformational for me and I cannot thank him enough for all of his coaching, help and advice. I was looking for support to unlock my potential and push myself further into a leadership mindset, allowing me to step up into a more senior position within the business. With James’s help, I was able to achieve that within a matter of months, just before I left the business to go on maternity leave. 

I absolutely loved working with him as he made our sessions a safe space to talk about all challenges without judgement. He had some great tools to give me that helped navigate challenging situations I came across and finally, he challenged me to think differently. I look forward to continuing working with James as I ease my way back at work. His coaching I am will be a key element to my future success.”

Jay Davenport, SW Regional Director of Education, Thinking Schools Academy Trust

“I have worked with James in a number of roles and he has made an invaluable contribution to school improvement journeys across a range of contexts. James is able to provide insightful analysis and challenge of what schools do; working with leaders to unlock the next phase of their personal and institutional development. As an individual, James is a talented presenter and an outstanding coach using his expertise and experience of teaching and leadership to facilitate impact at all levels of within an organisation.

Whether through coaching leaders and teachers, challenging thinking on the quality of provision in a specific area, or working on longer term projects, James provides an exceptional, professional service. I look forward to continuing to work with James and Flywheel Learning in the future.”

Alfie Mullan, Founder, Eelah Financial Planning

“Since working with James I have significantly improved my ability to have tough conversations and to lead others. He has helped me develop my self-awareness as a leader and be more intentional with my communication to a variety of audiences. I have found myself becoming more conscious of who I am being when I encounter challenging situations in business and life, and emerging with clarity and knowledge of what to do and what to say. I put this solely down to the executive coaching and support I have received from James over the past year; the performance results of my team and the wider business are already proof of that.  I would highly recommend James to anyone looking for coaching and leadership support and I’m looking forward to working with him for years to come.”

Dan Leonard, Headteacher, West Hatch High School

“James is an extremely experienced and forward thinking leader who has successfully supported me to make the step up from Deputy to Headteacher. James has been a very effective coach, able to draw thoughts and feelings out of me that I wasn’t aware of, through incisive and probing questioning.

James has used his knowledge and experience to help guide but also his skills as a coach to help me explore a variety of options when deciding on a course of action. I would highly recommend James for any role supporting leaders.”

Brett Davidson, Founder, FP Advance

“I’ve had James present on my Uncover Your Business Potential programme multiple times and deliver keynotes at our annual industry conference – he really is amazing. The content is superb and gets attendees engaged with their own leadership journey. Exactly what we needed in the leadership space.”